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EUHUBS4DATA - European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs

01/07/2020 - 31/08/2023
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The EUHubs4Data project is born with the main objective of establishing a federation of Big Data Innovation Hubs that, based on a model of collaboration in the provision of services and data sharing, actively contribute to the creation of a common European data space. Its mission is to help companies in their digitalization processes and offer them access to the latest innovations and technologies in Big Data and AI, as well as being a nexus of union and collaboration between the different European regions for digital innovation.

The project, led by ITI, has 21 partners from 12 different countries (Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, the United Kingdom and Belgium), a budget of 12.5 million euros, and 3 years to make it a reality.

The aim of the federation is on the one hand to offer local access to European AI and Big Data services, and on the other hand to incorporate new Innovation Hubs to enable the federation to grow further, even after the project.


  • Creation of "European Common Data Spaces", mobilizing, sharing and enabling access to all types of data with the aim of generating value and fostering European data-driven innovation.
  • To lay the foundations for the creation of a pan-European federation that includes relevant initiatives focused on data-driven innovation and experimentation and that, based on strong collaboration and value co-creation, supports European companies (mainly SMEs and start-ups) in their development and market launch of data-driven products and solutions, helping them all along the value chain.
  • Act as an accelerator for the creation of innovative products and solutions through the exchange and federation of data, and the combination and provision of cross-border services.
  • Define a scalable model for the federation's use, growth and sustainability, including, among others, a marketing strategy, unique value proposition, market identification and business development, which will be tested during the life of the project and will guide the evolution of the federation after its completion.
  • To ensure the federation's impact and visibility, attract end users, disseminate results and best practices, conduct training and evangelization, capture market needs, interact with different user communities, and identify new trends, challenges, and new data sources.
  • Add value to the current ecosystem of existing initiatives in Europe by positioning itself as the one-stop shop for data-driven innovation and experimentation, building a community around the data economy and serving as a link between research and innovation and regulatory bodies, industry and data service providers, bringing together and aligning all the players needed to drive data-driven innovation.
  • Identify the training and knowledge needs of the different stakeholders, and define and implement a training program that includes activities aimed at improving skills on the supply side (internal training for Data innovation Hubs), complementing experimentation (project-based learning) and covering needs on the demand side (external training for SMEs, start-ups and individuals).
  • Include all necessary aspects of privacy and data protection, personal data management and GDPR; consider ethical and societal challenges and responsible research and innovation around data; consider citizens as the ultimate beneficiaries of data-driven innovation; and take into account the corresponding legal implications affecting the cross-border provision of data and data-driven services.


21 socios: https://euhubs4data.eu/partners/

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