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Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística

Sergio Güerri
Technology Park - C/Albert Einstein, 1. 46980


Technological center specialized in packaging, logistics, transportation and mobility. Its mission is the generation of scientific-technological knowledge and the contribution of value to companies through R&D&I projects. We develop solutions in four main areas: sustainable materials and technologies for the circular economy; design, safety and functionality in packaging; chemical exposure and air quality monitoring; and logistics and smart mobility.

Technological capabilities

Big Data

Data collection and sensing


Design and development of sensorization and IoT devices for data collection, traceability and monitoring of various operations: agri-food logistics chains; reverse logistics, waste collection and recovery; passenger mobility services; risk identification in intermodal freight transport; environmental health and safety monitoring.


  • Health and safety
  • logistics and mobility
  • Transportation


Access to financing

Pre-competitive R&D and feasibility analysis for collaborative R&D projects

Feasibility study for participation in collaborative R&D projects to support the transformation of innovative ideas into demonstrable concepts. Includes support for the creation of consortia and administrative and technical assistance for the preparation of funding proposals.

Ecosystem and Networking

Digital challenges agenda

Elaboration of an agenda of digital challenges, covering sectors and technologies, focused on the needs of SMEs and public administrations, to set up strategic activities of InnDIH. This agenda will allow companies and/or entities to keep up-to-date of the latest trends.

Innovation spaces

Access to innovation spaces to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas among innovators and relevant actors for the implementation of new services and products based on digital technologies.

Networks and intermediation

Establishing links between suppliers, clients, business support systems, funding sources, technology institutes, etc. Through the EDIH partner networks. Specific events for SMEs, brokering events and information days in collaboration with the EEN.

Experimentation and demonstration

Trend Observatory

Up-to-date information of market trends, technology scouting and competitive intelligence, assessment of market potential for new services and products after digitalisation.

Assessment and consultancy in the use of digital technologies

Consultancy and access to portfolio of R&D projects and results, guides, application sectors, best practices and success stories. Assessment to companies looking for innovative digital technologies to incorporate into their portfolio, including ethical assessment to ensure safe and ethical use of digitalisation for SMEs when necessary.

R&D in digital technologies, concept, design, demonstrators / pilots / prototypes / proofs of concept for new products.

Access to competence centres for individual/collaborative R&D projects with the objective of applying digital technology innovation to develop new products/services or improve existing ones. Access to design, technologies and solutions for new digitalisation products/services, from TRL4 to TRL7-8. Validation in the lab and with real customers. Textile sensing technologies, AI for data analysis and image processing, digital twin, VR and hearing, to pre-clinical and clinical testing.

Product demonstrations

Workshops, showrooms, and use cases for potential customers.

Industrial property advice

Support for intellectual property rights and freedom to operate.


Business and entrepreneurship training

Training in financing opportunities is a key tool to boost the growth and development of a business. Through this training, entrepreneurs can learn to identify and take advantage of different financing options, both nationally and internationally. In addition, this training can also include elements related to business digitalization and entrepreneurship, as both are key to competing in an increasingly globalized and changing environment.

Training in digital technologies

Training in digital technologies is a key tool for keeping up-to-date in today’s world and being able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital era. In the digital sphere, it is increasingly essential to have knowledge of different technological areas, such as Machine Learning, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, HPC…

R+d+i Projects



The Demonstrators are spaces provided by each center to show application examples and prototypes of the Technologies.


Access the infrastructures that each member makes available to companies and other centers related to each technology.

Experiment centers

Perform tests adapted to your company's process.