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Michele Vavallo
CARRER MARINA BAJA 5 FLOOR 2 ESC 7, 46015, Valencia


INSOMNIA is a business accelerator, incubator and digital hub located in Valencia, Spain, that works to improve innovation in the Valencia region and support SMEs, and in particular industrial SMEs, to adopt the use of ICT and face the challenges of digitalization. We are located in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem of Valencia "La Marina" and we have our own collaborative space (+4,000 m2) where we work to increase innovation and access to financing capabilities for SMEs, midcaps, start-ups and other agents; perform permanent scouting worldwide to identify the most innovative solutions and companies (start ups, spin offs, scale ups, etc.) to attract talent to the city of Valencia and Spain; and execute Digitalization and Training Programs for Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives to learn about the latest advances in innovation and make the right decisions to grow in the new economy. Since 2017 we are "Digital Innovation Hub" under the CloudiFacturing project within the H2020-FoF-12 (Factories of the Future) Call and the I4MS (ICT for Manufacturing Pymes) initiative, where we have informed and trained more than 500 SMEs across Spain helping companies to get all the benefits of digital innovation and contributing to the implementation of the DEI initiative - Digitizing European Industry.


Access to financing

Access to funding resources

Tailor-made advice of public (EU/national/regional) and private (such as banking products) funding opportunities, also considering mixed solutions for digital technology projects in industry.

Startup acceleration

Mentoring and start-up support for digital technology-related startups. Activities will consolidate a strong regional start-up ecosystem through innovation programmes for solving industrial challenges, among other initiatives.

Ecosystem and Networking

Networks and intermediation

Establishing links between suppliers, clients, business support systems, funding sources, technology institutes, etc. Through the EDIH partner networks. Specific events for SMEs, brokering events and information days in collaboration with the EEN.


Business and entrepreneurship training

Training in financing opportunities is a key tool to boost the growth and development of a business. Through this training, entrepreneurs can learn to identify and take advantage of different financing options, both nationally and internationally. In addition, this training can also include elements related to business digitalization and entrepreneurship, as both are key to competing in an increasingly globalized and changing environment.

R+d+i Projects