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Federación Empresarial Metalurgica Valenciana

Marcel Cerveró
Avda. Blasco Ibáñez 127 - 46022 - Valencia


We are an independent, non-profit business organization, which brings together and represents the companies of the industry, commerce and services of the metal sector in the province of Valencia. From a federal, efficient, self-financed scheme, committed to ethics and the new European model of sustainability, our MISSION is to proactively lead the defense and representation of the interests of the Associations and associated companies, being at the same time an instrument for the provision of services adapted to each type of company and based on an accompaniment towards excellence. To this end, we develop a multitude of activities and services in order to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, being the more than 3,000 associated companies the main one of them. In particular, we provide training, innovation and technology services, processing of grants and subsidies, labor and human resources management, economic-tax, legal, quality, environment and occupational risk prevention, insurance, purchasing center, etc. In addition, we develop projects in the areas of digitalization, sustainability, equal opportunities, innovation and technological development, promotion of talent, etc. and all those actions that increase the representativeness and visibility of the sector to improve its competitiveness.


Ecosystem and Networking

Digital challenges agenda

Elaboration of an agenda of digital challenges, covering sectors and technologies, focused on the needs of SMEs and public administrations, to set up strategic activities of InnDIH. This agenda will allow companies and/or entities to keep up-to-date of the latest trends.


Business and entrepreneurship training

Training in financing opportunities is a key tool to boost the growth and development of a business. Through this training, entrepreneurs can learn to identify and take advantage of different financing options, both nationally and internationally. In addition, this training can also include elements related to business digitalization and entrepreneurship, as both are key to competing in an increasingly globalized and changing environment.

R+d+i Projects