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Confederación Empresarial de la Comunitat Valenciana

Elisa A. del Río
Plaza Conde de Carlet nº3


The CEV is the entity that represents all business organizations and companies in the Valencian Community since 1977. Currently, more than 350,000 companies in the Valencian Community are directly or indirectly associated with the CEV through the 149 sectorial and territorial business organizations that belong to it. One of its general purposes is to promote sustainable economic development and the competitiveness of companies in the general interest. In particular, the CEV promotes research and technological and organizational innovation in companies, as well as the information and training of businessmen and professionals in these matters. As a representative of civil society, CEV represents and defends business interests before the Administration, trade unions and other public and private entities.


Access to financing

Access to funding resources

Tailor-made advice of public (EU/national/regional) and private (such as banking products) funding opportunities, also considering mixed solutions for digital technology projects in industry.

Ecosystem and Networking

Innovation spaces

Access to innovation spaces to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas among innovators and relevant actors for the implementation of new services and products based on digital technologies.

Networks and intermediation

Establishing links between suppliers, clients, business support systems, funding sources, technology institutes, etc. Through the EDIH partner networks. Specific events for SMEs, brokering events and information days in collaboration with the EEN.


Business and entrepreneurship training

Training in financing opportunities is a key tool to boost the growth and development of a business. Through this training, entrepreneurs can learn to identify and take advantage of different financing options, both nationally and internationally. In addition, this training can also include elements related to business digitalization and entrepreneurship, as both are key to competing in an increasingly globalized and changing environment.

Training in digital technologies

Training in digital technologies is a key tool for keeping up-to-date in today’s world and being able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital era. In the digital sphere, it is increasingly essential to have knowledge of different technological areas, such as Machine Learning, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, HPC…

R+d+i Projects