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Asociación de empresarios textiles de la Comunidad Valenciana

Julia Vercher
Els Telers, 20 P.I. El Plá Apdo. 186 46870 Ontinyent


ATEVAL is an industry association. It has more than 340 associated textile companies and represents almost 10,500 employees. ATEVAL has cooperated with several entities in European projects and has human resources with experience in the coordination of European projects. We provide technical and legal assistance to companies on issues related to environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational safety. We represent the interests of the sector in the relevant organizations, entities and forums. We develop initiatives, research and projects that result in benefits and synergies for the sector and associated companies. ATEVAL is in charge of coordinating the actions of the CIE (Spanish Intertextile Council), carried out under the name of Home Textiles from Spain. At the European level, it is a member of EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Confederation) and ETP.


Ecosystem and Networking

Innovation spaces

Access to innovation spaces to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas among innovators and relevant actors for the implementation of new services and products based on digital technologies.

Networks and intermediation

Establishing links between suppliers, clients, business support systems, funding sources, technology institutes, etc. Through the EDIH partner networks. Specific events for SMEs, brokering events and information days in collaboration with the EEN.

R+d+i Projects