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Big Data Platform


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The Big Data Platform contains clinical, epidemiological and biological information at the individual level of its assigned population cohort (300,000 people) and of the patients it hosts due to its reference nature at least since 2012. In addition to these population cohorts, there is a history of approximately 1.5 million patients. This information is stored in a Data Warehouse (DW) composed of the aggregation of 22 datamarts; organized in 750 million rows, 84 tables and 4,064 columns that are updated daily, weekly or monthly. This DW contains pseudo-anonymized structured information from the various care areas, services and units of the department. In addition, it contains more than 30 million unstructured records. Each of the information sources can be linked through a common identifier, creating an architecture for extracting, processing and analyzing the stored information. It should be noted that HUiP La Fe obtained, in 2014, level 6 on the EMRAM (Electronic Medical Adoption Model) scale. It is important to note that, at present, the Big Data platform contains information in local and standardized OMOP format from corporate information systems. It also has a Data Protection Impact Assessment and a data use governance model, developed by Dr. Ricard Martínez Martínez's team, aligned with national and international legislation and with Big Data and AI technologies that allow the processing, exploration, modeling and visualization of structured and unstructured records.

Technological capabilities

Big Data
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