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Equipment and Infrastructures of ITI

Check the different equipment and infrastructures available ITI. Use the technology selector to filter the results.

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Big Data


Cyber Connectivity





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Hardware lab, software testing and prototyping

Cloud system for remote verification support of HiL and SiL systems

ITI Data Room

ITI DATAROOM is a demonstration center where, in an advanced manufa...

ITI Data Space

ITI DATA SPACE is an initiative of the Instituto Tecnológico de Inform...

Laboratory of wireless communication networks and deployment in indust...

IoT/WSN technologies for monitoring variables and communicating data f...

Logistics optimization systems laboratory

Cloud platform for the execution of multi-objective optimization syste...

Real-time embedded system design

Cloud platform for modeling, analysis and simulation of real-time embe...

Supply Chain Optimization Systems Laboratory

Cloud platform for the execution of demand forecasting systems through...


It is a technology with the following characteristics: 3D capture: 16-...