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Bordado Inteligente


Intelligent embroidery machine for the integration of conductive threads and sensors in fabrics.
Plaza Emilio Sala 1



The embroidery machine has 2 embroidery technologies available:

  • Conventional embroidery: Traditional embroidery used for ornamental purposes. It allows the use of colored yarns, fancy yarns, sequins, etc. It also allows the use of conductive wires.
  • TFP embroidery: This embroidery allows the fiber to be custom-placed, known as Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP). It thus makes it possible to integrate carbon fibers and other materials into a textile surface.
  • TWP embroidery: This technology makes it possible to place wires on a textile surface in order to create electrical circuits and heatable textiles.

The embroidery machine available at AITEX has the following features:

  • Actual embroidery field is 1900 x 1500mm.
  • Standard head.
  • Head W. Used for embroidering special threads, ribbons and cords.
  • Computer control monitor for embroidery parameters.

All components are anchored to a metal structure with a working area of 2000 x 1570mm.


  • Intelligent garments for the health, sports and PPE sectors:
  • User monitoring and control
  • Heated
  • Luminous
  • Smart textiles for the home sector
  • Sensorization
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Intelligent technical textiles
  • Sensorization of external parameters
  • Development of new textile structures with different types of materials
  • Structures for protective clothing
  • Structures for medical textiles
  • Embroidered smart textiles for automotive
  • Embroidered composites

Technological capabilities

Advanced electronics