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Platform for the creation of elastic Big Data Analytics services in the cloud (BDAaaS).
Polytechnic City of Innovation - UPV Camino de Vera, s/n. Bldg. 8G, Access B, 4th floor 46022 Valencia



Platform for the creation of elastic Big Data Analytics services in the cloud (BDAaaS) and the federation of resources and services: set of tools and technologies on a PaaS to efficiently undertake in the cloud the configuration and deployment of the necessary infrastructure for the different Big Data Analytics scenarios, both for static data pools (batch) and for data generated in constant flow (streaming). It includes orchestration and management of IoT devices enabling distributed deployment and high availability.

Big Data Analytics solution on a PaaS that streamlines and facilitates the configuration and automatic deployment of the necessary Big Data + Analytics infrastructure, allowing the company to focus on data analysis, either manually or by defining models for machine learning.

Platform that allows to create and deploy in a few minutes Big Data technology stacks on the necessary infrastructure for the execution of Machine Learning (ML, machine learning) and data analytics jobs. In this way, a data scientist in the context of a project triggers the creation of the BDAaaS service and in a few minutes can get to work on programming and training ML algorithms. The platform includes the resource and service federation functionality, which allows the sharing of computing resources between, for example, sites of the same company, increasing efficiency in the use of computational resources.


It can be used to train Artificial Intelligence models for various application domains (multisectorial) and for the federation of computational resources and services. It has been tested in the area of health, environmental conditions in buildings and industry.

Technological capabilities

Big Data
Data analysis and exploitation