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Data Room


The Data Room By ITI
Multi-sector demonstrator center specialized in data for Industry 4.0.
C. Nicolás Copérnico, 7 46980 Paterna, Valencia



The demonstrator allows to show companies the range of existing technologies and digital solutions and their functionality for solving the main challenges of the Valencian industry, while generating a space for experimentation of the technologies developed during the research work of ITI.

The demonstrator is the result of the research and integration of technologies developed by ITI and third parties to model use cases along the industry value chain, so that companies can see themselves reflected in the different demonstrators deployed and observe the potential of the technologies and the impact they could generate for the resolution of their needs and new challenges in terms of process improvement and digital transformation.

The lab demonstrators focus on digital enablers and the solutions that are built with these enablers to respond to global industry drivers or trends. The demonstrator has a digital twin that allows the implementation of production control and optimization systems, the detection of anomalies in the production process, the calculation of optimal production quality parameters (simulation) and the prediction of performance based on production parameters.


Companies can experiment with processes they want to apply in their facilities without interrupting their production processes.

Technological capabilities

Digital Twins