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Free platform for toy and healthcare companies to facilitate the integration of Internet of Things technology and Artificial Intelligence services.
AIJU Avenida de la Indsutria, 23



To apply this technology for the development of innovative toys that provide greater pedagogical value, and on the other hand, for the identification of the stage of Alzheimer's disease based on sensitivity to the context and the patient himself.

In addition, the platform will have a section for the visualization and analysis of the data collected through the applications, allowing professionals to know how the developed applications are adapting to the user's needs. In this line, AIJU has extensive experience in innovation in both sectors, with the aim of developing new products that facilitate the lives of people, adapting to their needs, learning while playing, and performing therapeutic actions that help experts in the early diagnosis of possible pathologies.

The specific scientific objectives of the project are:

- Development of a multi-sector platform for the integration of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis services.

- Development of AI services, such as Image Recognition, Chatbots, Sentiment and Emotion Analysis, and Voice Recognition that can be easily implemented in any type of toy or healthcare application.

- Development of Demonstrables that will incorporate innovative technologies on products already existing in the market.

- To make knowledge about the digital world and Artificial Intelligence available to companies.

- Validation and characterization.

- Up-to-date knowledge of hardware, software and components useful for the toy and healthcare industry.


Jobs in the toy, children's products and healthcare sector

Technological capabilities

AI-based immersive extended reality (VR/AR) technologies