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About InnDIH

InnDIH is the Valencian Region European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) led by ITI, which represents the great centralized commitment of public-private collaboration where the business ecosystem, universities, technology and research centres, biotechnology-health research institutes and public administrations join efforts to contribute to the digitization of SMEs and public administration and boost the economic development of the Valencian Region.

InnDIH promotes digital technologies and ensures that any company and public administration in the region has access to know-how, training, technologies, infrastructures and laboratories to improve and accelerate its digital transformation.

InnDIH has been established as a non-profit consortium with a solid experience and connections at the European level which promotes the development and implementation of digital technologies in the priority domains of Health and Quality of Life and Advanced Manufacturing, as well as in any other domains where digital technologies are required.

The partners have an extensive background and experience in providing a wide range of digital solutions and services that are mainly based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as other technologies such as HPC, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Robotics, with high cross-sectorial transversality.

Additionally, agreements have been established with other EDIH candidates to cover additional areas. This set of services is based on demonstration, enabling, and experimentation infrastructures and is adapted to the needs of the territory, covering the different sectors of the Valencian Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3CV).